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About Us

The Pseifas Association for Adoptive Families is a registered non-profit organization that aims to improve and promote the life quality of adopted children, adoptive parents and their families.

Pseifas Center is the only one in Israel that offers comprehensive assistance to adoptive families, both before and after the adoption.

The center provides the families with professional guidance and support, using a multidisciplinary team of experts in the field of adoption.

Some of the activities in the center are carried out voluntarily.

The center is accompanied by a group of supporters, including adoptive parents and adopted adults, who constitute a thinking team and support its activities.

Why is Pseifas Center necessary?

Today it is widely known that adoptive parenting is different from biological parenting. Adopted children are at high risk, given the early-life traumas they may have experienced. Being abandoned by their biological parents and put up for adoption is always in the back of their minds, shaping their identities. Dealing with this complicated reality which is not of their choice requires both mental strength and a professional guidance to walk them through all stages of life.

Studies have shown that early-life traumas have a long-term impact on child development. Birth trauma, abuse, neglect and multiple breakups may disrupt the child's emotional, neurological and physiological development. This calls for a holistic multidisciplinary treatment, which is provided by Pseifas.

Pseifas offers a variety of services for adoptive families whose children have experienced early traumas and have to deal with difficulties that are related to their being adopted. Once the family has approached the center, a consultation session is held in order to recommend a course of treatment. If needed, the family is referred to experts of different areas who work in collaboration with the center.

Society's responsibility for these children does not end at the moment of their adoption. The British government has determined by law that adopted children should be considered as high-risk population, and has allocated services and resources to support them.

The Israeli government does not support the association, and its only incomes are donations from its supporters, and the financial contribution of the families participating in its activities.

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